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New Delhi: Home or office, i.e. the case is official or personal. Messages ranging from payment until every task in the WhatsApp of small chit-chat gets in. End to End encrypted that WhatsApp is the confidence that we really assuming unperturbed live. But soon WhatsApp these trust the break is going. The beginning of the discussion at that time, when a few months ago, WhatsApp has said that his User of the Privacy Policy and terms changes in the IS.

So is wreak commotion
Years in 2014 when Facebook (Facebook) by WhatsApp was acquired then Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) said that WhatsApp is connected to the data with Facebook will not be shared. While in 2016, came updates according to the data FB shares with the can be. But then it had the option that if you have WhatsApp this permission will only do this will. But now it is as if these company dadagiri descend on the iPhone is. Deadline of the 8 February 2021 up to you of WhatsApp new privacy policy, to accept the mandatory IE will be necessary.

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Trend are Whatsapp option
Privacy issues ranging Whatsapp dadagiri after many such social media app is which nowadays the spotlight, are. Such as Signal, Telegram, Discord the name of the fast search is happening. All these in the Signal app quite a trend is. The world’s most rich person Elon Musk (Elon Musk) of the tweets after the so values its discussion during the night has increased.

Elon Musk said – Use Signal
WhatsApp this exploits the worldwide air find was this between the world of the rich man Elon Musk said that there is concern of what is the matter. He recently tweeted by said – use Signal. I.e. that they messaging app signaling used to of the appeal are. Signal App also Whatsapp like instant messaging app.

WhatsApp have so much user data

Device ID, user ID, advertising data, purchase history, location, phone number, e-mail address, contacts, product interactions, crash data, performance data, other daignostic data, payment info, customer support and other User Content

While the Signal is completely safe because it is near the user, none of the data would not. Here personal data on Signal App just your phone number Store and app it your identity by trying to add is also does not.

Signal App: in 2014 launching, in 2021 trend

By the way, so Signal app 2014 the market is in but these days plenty of hype elicit is. This app is the most special thing is that these are simply your phone numbers as well as access does. Special features of the platforms in the group to make the invitations to send will be the same. Unless you do not accept then you to any group, the ED IE can not be added up. While on WhatsApp any someone when any group in the ED can.

Telegram also will grow sway

Telegram you the secret chat option is. A group at you 2 million people can add. While WhatsApp in a group in just 256 people only ED can be. While Discord is also a social networking app which is the beginning, just the gamers was created for but now all of use are. This group is the place of the servers (Servers) are. Every server has a particular job happens to like that game and study for the different options are.

Whatsapp’s new privacy policy, coming after the Signal app in India quite like being.In India Signal app download the thing to 1 January 2021 from 7 January until 2021 download in 79% rise has. While the Telegram is a matter of if I add any increase has

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