130 kilometers at a speed of during malaria, this year will be full Freight Corridor

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New Delhi Indian Railway (Indian Railways) this is the end of the year in the whole country Dedicated Freight Corridor (Dedicated Freight Corridor) of the work would complete. Thereafter, malaria is a totally different track at 130 km at a speed of during. The railway had only 10 days of difference on the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) of 351 km-long Khurja-for section and the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WFDC) of the 306 km long Rewari-wood apple section had begun.

March 2021 will begin from wood apple-Palanpur section

Railway, a senior official said that the 335 km long wood apple-Palanpur section March 2021 to start reshaping. This track work on the big fast is happening. While the 122-km long Rewari-Dadri section on track of work in December 2021 will be completed. In addition 738 km long Palanpur-Makarpura-JNPT Section work on September 2022, will be completed. While 48 long Khurja-Dadri section of work in June until 2021 will be completed.

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PM Modi had inaugurated

PM Modi this year on January 7 Rewari-wood apple section was inaugurated. Earlier on December 29 Khurja-for section the virtual manner, the green signal was visible.

1280 kilometers track 130kmph speed ready for

The Ministry of railways, according to the 1612 kilometers of the Golden Quadrilateral (Golden Quadrilateral) and the diagonal section (the Golden Diagonal), the 1280-kilometer track to 130kmph to have been devised. Its straightforward means that these root now from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, the journey to passengers of travel time left.

Full South Central Railway will cover

Golden Quadrilateral-the Golden diagonal (GQ-GD) route Vijayawada-Huwwara section, except where the signal-upgradation is in progress, except the entire South Central Railway does cover. The Railway said that last year the lockdown and low-train walking (COVID-19 due to the epidemic), because of such time the use of essential infrastructure upgrade to have.

Railway has in the epidemic, found the opportunity
Please tell, COVID, despite the epidemic by the Indian Railways infrastructure, innovation, network capacity expansion, freight traffic in the unprecedented rise is achieved. The ministry says that we cover-19 an opportunity to officially and took the passengers to the next level of rail travel of experience provide in the direction of the work is done.

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