Instagram is updating the interface for Desktop users, here are the latest Instagram News 2021 | Instagram is changing the Story Layout, learn Desktop Users what will be the advantage

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New Delhi: Social app, Instagram users for a good news. Very soon Instagram users to new updates meet. Instagram desktop users for changing the interface. New updates of the beta version launch has already been done.

Our associate website According to the photo sharing platform (Photo Sharaing Platform) Instagram Desktop On The Story (Instagram) to see a new interface testing is. According to the report, the new layout on the desktop, Instagram story Carousels in the show, which single-tile Format will be different from which the whole page on the show are. By the way, then there is the navigation button is given, in which the users Manual as well as stories will need to click on them or automatically after a having a play of colour you can choose. It is not yet clear whether and when the new design to more users for the roll-out will be.

Until now, the Instagram story to see the entire screen is visible and the next second the user story to swipe any of the option is not, although it contains the navigation buttons are. Engadget according to the report, the new layout is definitely on the desktop, Instagram Stories to look much more attractive and cleaner will make.

According to the information obtained, Instagram has already the new layout of the testing has started, but it is not clear how many users the new layout are watching. Or are they a new development for those permanent, which will Instagram stories of a new, different layout are watching. Instagram a spokesman for Engadget to confirm that the company actually new Instagram Stories the layout of the tasting and the past month Instagram users have a small group to these new developments appear felt. However, the company has its global use of no official information share is not.

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