Messaging app Signal faces global outrage as users complaining about technical issues| overnight famous up Signal app down: the world of the users are upset, the company said, ‘soon will overcome the problem’

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Washington: Whatsapp (Whatsapp) the new privacy policy on the ongoing dispute between the people attracted to the signal (Signal) the app is now facing criticism is and because IS app down grow. On Friday the worldwide users by the app’s used in the trouble complained of. He said that both mobile and desktop application are not working. Due to which message Cannot Send are. Users constantly get ranked after complaints doings encountered in the company’s earliest problem to overcome is assured.

The Company has described because

Signal (Signal) app in the coming troubles about the company in tweets by the earliest problem to remove assured. The company said that some technical problems have been facing, which try to correct the Being and the earliest Signal of the first kind will take work. Please tell that in the last few days the same signal to a large number has been downloaded. Whatsapp new privacy policy announced since this app popular among the people has become.

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In India till now so Downloads

India so far nearly 3 million user download it, you can in the coming days this figure is expected to grow. While, WhatsApp has announced that he Privacy Policy the update at the moment is stopped. The company says that its Privacy Policy About the confusion being disseminated. So at the moment the update is being stopped, so that users with the policy to learn about and review to much time could get.

No Account delete will not

Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp from the side of the stated that the We Privacy Policy, the date of the update behind the move are. On February 8, any account suspended or deleted will not be. We Whatsapp ranging spread be getting the wrong information from people exposed to providing are working. The company says that we are their users of the privacy security are committed to him, there will be no compromise.

Now have basically identified

Previously, Whatsapp said on February 8 from the new privacy policy to apply was announced, after which the same company from the protest had begun. Opposed to this, the direct use of the Telegram (Telegram) and the signal (Signal) such as the messaging app got. This week in the download in the case of signals in India, number A of positions going on. Please tell that the signal and Telegram both to the largest growth market is India. By the way, so Signal app 2014 the market is in, but the Whatsapp controversy over the thanks to him now go to recognize the.


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