more than 160 flights delayed due to Zero visibility over Delhi airport lucknow amritsar weather fog cold | Fog Alert: badly affected were Flights, Airport before going to be sure to read these important news

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New Delhi: Today the capital of the country Delhi in dense fog because of the visibility zero (Zero Visibility) is exceeded. This is the reason many flights delayed flight will connect. Such a large number of passengers the hassle of facing. Today at Delhi airport has more than 180 flights lie be tagged.

Dense fog because of the Flights were late

Delhi Airport (Delhi Airport) the official Twitter handle, according to the dense fog (Dense Fog) due to the only CAT-IV and CAT-IIIB category of the flights only fly results. Passenger your flight about for more information from the airline can contact.

Delhi airport’s official website, according to because of the thick fog in Delhi (Delhi) airport on the incoming 63 flights and to 118 flights late are. Haze caused visibility (Zero Visibility) is very low, this is due to the flights lie become.

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Know that CAT-IIIA means such flight which is 175 meters from the 299 meter visibility in the flight across can. In addition, CAT-IIIB means that these flights 50 meters by 174 meters between the visibility in operate will.

In North India, many cities in visibility zero

Interestingly, today Delhi, Lucknow and Amritsar in zero visibility recorded. India Meteorological Department, according to the January 17, also mist such a brilliant stay. However on January 18, the visibility improvement is likely to be.

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In Delhi again raise pollution levels

Meanwhile, Delhi’s air quality (in Delhi Air Quality) constantly getting poor or very poor. Today (Saturday) once again, air quality index 450 been more than. System of air quality and weather forecasting and research (SAFAR) according to, Delhi Air Quality Index (AQI) 492 recorded.


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