Lottosmile: You can win 1.3 billion dollars at home from India on this weekend | Lottosmile: India from this weekend on, you can win the 1.3 billion dollars

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New Delhi: in India no lucky person this weekend at the 1.3 billion dollars of the prize amount could win. America’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot in the prize amount now estimated $ 750 million has soared. The history of the game in the second-largest prize. Mega Millions and Powerball lottery in the 1.3 billion dollar giant will get the reward. If you wish then you also have India in your home sitting comfortably can try your luck.

Mega Millions jackpot – (Mega Millions jackpot has soared to $750 million) Is now $ 750 million has increased to. Tuesday and Wednesday the jackpot of the draw is held. The Powerball jackpot price of 550 million dollars (Powerball’s jackpot has skyrocketed to $550 million) Has become. It’s the 9th biggest prize is the prize and each Wednesday and Saturday that draws happens. In India you from your home comfort from both lottery games can.

This week, two major American lottery seller $ 1.15 billion U.S. dollars the total value of the jackpot prizes are going to. Missouri Lottery Executive Director made Aaron says that in the last few years first time in this game with such a large jackpot prizes have been offered.

From September both the jackpot rolled, but this week the draw in win a good chance of will. Before you Mega Millions and Powerball lottery in the only game were you can, when you personally visit America on May. But now you sitting at home, these same lottery (can participate in Mega Millions and Powerball) Can play.

Now you sitting at home clicking on these lottery tickets, you can purchase and your being rich dream full can. Lottosmile on online lottery completely safe and easy. Lottosmile spokesman Adrian Cooremans says,’from all over the world millions of people to stamp US order attach. And we are happy to say that now these feature to India also have been started.

You can buy lottery tickets:-

1. First you Sign up at Sign up at must.

2. Subsequently, you Mega Millions, Powerball, including 45 in the lottery than any one would choose.

3. Lottery after choosing you your lucky ticket number thus can or computer via a random Ticket Number Select can.

4. You will have to clear that lottery syndicate with how many lines you want to play.

5. Your ticket purchase will have to confirm. It also must confirm that you have the upcoming in the draw to win the prize are eligible.

Adrian Cooremans explains that when you website on the official American lottery tickets in order to attach then in the US Lottosmile the local agent on your side from purchase take. In its turn the website your user from the transaction fees takes. After it draws the Before They agent the user side of the purchased from the stamps of the scan you send. If you purchased tickets win the reward is if he completed awards the user is because of the ticket win the reward the agent on behalf of no commission is taken.

Mega Millions and Powerball, according to the rules you American play the lottery for a U.S. citizen or resident is not required to be. Lottosmile of online lottery ticket purchasing services by using you even in this lucky draw can take part in.


From around the world the real winner

Around the world more than 6 million lucky player so far Lottosmile of the ticket-purchase services by using $ 100 million more than the prize amount having won. Website far the biggest prize amount of Panama Aura D. has won. The official retire from the job Aura D. Their Children’s upbringing is doing work. Aura D. by July 2017 in the Florida Lotto draws in the $ 30 million prize was won.

Cooremans said that if Panama any person Lottosmile in online tickets purchase American lottery game so you can of India any person in it could play. India in your home of Mega Millions and Powerball lottery to play people visit You can contact us at.

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