North Korea leader Kim Jong Un unveils new submarine launched missiles| Kim Jong Un has the world to show its strength, military parade in sight eye extremely dangerous new ballistic missile

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Pyongyang: North Korea (North Korea) from India Photos the world including the U.S., then tension is put in. Military parade attached to these photos in North Korea’s main arms eye are coming. In the submarine launch from the extremely dangerous new ballistic missile (SLBM) is also included. Dictator Kim Jong-Un (Kim Jong Un) has, in a way, this parade through the America of newly elected President Joe Biden, the clear message have attempted to give is that if North Korea take the US stance has not changed then the consequences can be dire.

A surpasses a Weapons

Korean Central News agency (KCNA), according to the Workers ‘ Party after a meeting of the HUI in the parade of military power has been demonstrated. In this parade the tyrant Kim Jong-Un (Kim Jong Un) has submarine tainted by the killer missile including the one to rise to a deadly weapons to the world in front of introduced. The parade at the end of the solid fuel from running the short distance of the new missile also has been demonstrated. It is said that this missile blink of an eye, as soon as the devastation last May.


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Smiles is dictator Kim

KCNA photos released by Kim Jong-Un black fur hat and leather coat wearing an eye is coming. During the parade, Kim Jong-Un, said Kim Il Sung Square on the thousands of the droves present in the soldiers and the masses of mostrar welcomed. This plaza, the name of Kim’s late father’s name is placed on. North Korean according to the agency, when thousands of soldiers with sophisticated weapons from the plaza elapsed if people liked the slogans and applause welcomed with.

Pukguksong to upgrade

Parade in the North Korean army submarine tainted by missile Pukguksong-5 of the eye with eye. Earlier in October resulted in the parade Pukguksong-4 missile was performed. I.e. North Korea by this deadly missile upgrade is taken. KCNA said that the world’s most dangerous weapon did go to Wales this missile on display in the parade, who has been the Revolutionary Army’s strength reflects.

Arsenal increase announced
North Korea on Thursday said the parade during the country’s largest intercontinental missile (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles-ICBMs) not demonstrated. About which is said that it states in any corner of the atomic bomb dropping in is enabled. Please tell that the Workers ‘ Party meeting, Kim Jong-Un has nuclear weapons of strength and missiles arsenal increase of declared. The experts say that this statement and the power of performance via Kim Jong-Un’s January 20 swearing-in to be America’s new president Joe Biden, the strict message is given.


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