Donald Trump targets Twitter from his official account, thinking to develop his own platform| Trump the Official Account uttered by the Twitter attack, but then the mouth has to be lying; now your Platform will!

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Washington: American President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) Twitter from the actions of the ball are gone. He personal account of the closure after the president’s official Twitter handle tweets by their outrage derived. He microblogging site on fiercely attack speaking charged that Twitter (Twitter) by the Democrats, coupled with the ‘free speech’ to try to eliminate the being. So not only Trump his new platform to point said, where she candidly if you can keep talking.

New Tweet also removed

Capitol Hill (Capitol Hill) violence after the Twitter (Twitter) has the strict steps to take Donald Trump (Donald Trump) the account permanently closed. Of the company in this action to answer for Trump’s official Twitter handle used. He said, ‘I long time tell I got my Twitter that ‘free speech’ to ban and today he Democrats and the left together with me to silence my account closed’. However, Twitter by Trump of this tweets also in a few minutes it turned.

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‘Knew it would be the same’

Donald Trump has further written that the Twitter even though the private company would, but without the help of the government he has much time to tick not provided. Trump said that he already knew that would happen and so he the other sites are talking to and soon the Big Chief will be. In the near future your own platforms ranging can come, where he candidly your things before the public will retain.

Video ranging also surrounded by Trump

Capitol Hill on the deadly attack Donald Trump of on every side getting criticized. On Wednesday, thousands of Trump supporters said the country’s Parliament capital on the attack lyrics had given. Violence during five of the people deaths. Meanwhile Trump a video surfaced in which his complete family Eye coming. This video is the Capitol building of the siege some time ago of being told in which Trump and his full family party are visible. This video himself, Donald Trump’s son, Trump Jr (Donald Trump Jr.) The shoot was done. On social media many people Trump this video to share their fiercely criticized are.

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