Google Alphabet Employee Labour Union | Everything You Need To Know About the Alphabet Workers Union

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  • Alphabet Workers ‘ Union the Executive Council in 7 people in the 3 are women
  • Employee of the company website with the help of this union to join can

Google’s parent company, Alphabet 7 of the employees ‘ labour union is formed. These employees of better salary, job facilities and good work culture to work will. It has close to 226 engineers include. This is the first chance, when any American tech industry in the union is created.

The staff said it furtive manner had made. December 2020 after the elections in its name Alphabet Workers ‘ Union (AWU) were placed. America and Canada exist in the alphabet of all 1 million 20 thousand employees to the union is open. He AWU name of the software is also made.

Union leaders said The New York Times articles written in that the AWU wants to ensure that his members the exact salary met, the exploit may not be discrimination, and all without any fear can work.

7 members teamed by wife
AWU of the Executive Council in 7 people are involved. In which executive chair Parul Kaul are. They Google software engineer. Council in 3 are women. The whole team is something like this…

Google software engineer at Parul Kaul Union of the executive chair became.

Google software engineer at Parul Kaul Union of the executive chair became.

Name Union in the post
Parul Kaul Executive chair
Chevy Shaw Executive vice chair
Emily Chang Executive recording chair
Chris Schmidt Executive finance chair
Alexandra but Executive at-large council member
Nick task Executive at-large council member
An Ahsan Executive at-large council member

Website getting from joining
AWU joined for the website and social media page has also been ready. The interesting thing is that the Union of the election in December was, but social media on its page September 2019 in the same was ready. Its the name of the website is.

2.50 million in just 226 employees of the Union
Alphabet and Google in the permanent and contract both overall 2.50 lakh employees. But so far the Union in just 226 employees are the same. Union executive vice chair they Shaw says that its Via management on the pressure by making the employees of the problem away will. Salary and staff attached to all the troubles to resolve will be tried. In the coming days the Union and the employee also can connect.

Employees directly in contact with the company
Google’s operations director, Cara Silverstein said that we are employees of the labour rights of respect. We have employees for good work culture and good salary to the atmosphere have tried to make. We even further all the staff to be in direct contact.

The US labour regulatory body on Google are in charge that she and staff from illegal methods of questioning is. When the employees of the company’s policies against performance was done and the organization tried to make, then get them fired from a job was. However, Google Your this step right holds.

Never sexual abuse, then transparency on the dispute

  • Sexual abuse case: In 2018 Women’s sexual abuse in the case to Google employees condemn was encountered. Then the company has 20 thousand employee work except on the streets came down.
  • AI controversy: Google employees by 2018 in the US Ministry of defence with the Maven project was opposed. In this project the government artificial intelligence (AI) techniques the army used to wanted to do. Then the 3100 more than the employees to the company wrote that the Google War not in the business of descend must.
  • Transparency on the question: Said in a report that was Google furtive way from China to the search engine is working on. IT company dragon fly named. After which the project to employees of the temper sparked. Then the employees from the company that they work in transparency came up.


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