NCB summons arjun rampal sister in bollywood drug case | Drug Case: NCB by Arjun Rampal’s sister sent to Saman, today will be muscle

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New Delhi: Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal (Arjun Rampal) of the difficulties now increased. Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) said his sister also tighten the screws taken. Now the NCB has Arjun Rampal’s sister gentle (Arjun’s Sister Komal) the summons is sent. Information according to the inquiry today will be the same. Being told that Arjun’s sister-in-11 o’clock to reach the orders are given.

Before the NCB (NCB) Arjun Rampal too many times inquiries have been. Arjun Rampal (Arjun Rampal), the NCB said on December 16, the inquiries called for, but was he on December 22 report from the agency had solicited. December 21 Arjun Rampal NCB present in front of were.

Arjun Rampal even before it was questioned

Please tell, Arjun Rampal (Arjun Rampal) of the bungalows on the search operation was run. This operation only after both the summons were sent. There, on October 19 drug related a case in Grabeel’s brother agisilaos been arrested and likewise to inquire after Arjun Rampal too had been summoned.

Gabriella’s brother was arrest

Arjun (Arjun Rampal) of the live-in partner Gabriella’s brother near from this and alprazolam tablets were reported. These both the same things in India and Bain are. Agisilaos connection of omega Godwin name of the drug Per from was told. These per Mumbai in the cocaine supply to the US was.

Many people a stack of arrest

Please tell, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) one after another is taking action. This drug in the case of many people arrest so far has been. So far in this case, several Bollywood stars name come to the fore already are. The corresponding link in the Narcotics Control Bureau of Bollywood celebs of gadgets have launched an investigation. The current moment of talk then the NCB of near 85 gadgets are. NCB has these gadgets to check for the forensic labs in the sent.

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