Into the Light: Gphysco’s Resurgence and Musical Revival

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El Paso , TX, 21st June 2023,  ZEX PR WIRE, After a while staying silent Gphysco finally comes to light and drops his first release ” Into the Light”. Coming out of no where Gphysco drops this single on all major platforms now using TuneCore. Gphysco has mentioned about returning but nothing was concrete, after moving to Texas and having a place to call home the artist finally could get back on working on music. This was the first ever the artist had ever been unavailable for this long.

Gphysco is already working on a song for sometime in July, while at the same time will be working a month ahead to keep the flow moving for the listeners. Surprising the artist dropped two songs this month being “Into the Sky” and “Haunted by Past”, Gphysco felt bad for not dropping anything in a while so by starting again he felt that two is a sweet start. Gphysco hopes to collaborate again with artists he’s been with in the past sometime in the future. Hoping to better himself creating a better experience for the artist himself and those who listens to him.

In conclusion: Gphysco wants his listener’s to know that he went through a tough life and is slowly getting back on his feet again. Not just music but also in the personal side of things in life.

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