As A Leading Player in the Identity Theft Protection Industry, My Patriot Shield Offers $1,000,000 As Identity Theft Insurance to its Clients

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My Patriot Shield has the finest online identity protection and insurance against identity theft.

Phoenix, Arizona, 24th August 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, My Patriot Shield is one of the trusted names in identity theft protection. They are proud to launch their comprehensive identity theft insurance, which offers up to $1,000,000 in coverage to its valuable clients. This new service offers individuals additional security and peace of mind in this advancing digital and interconnected world.

With fraud and identity theft growing rapidly, billions of Americans fall victim to these annually. The consequences are more than just financial. It poses great anxiety and stress on the victim, leaving them with damaged credit scores. The seriousness and urgency of the situation was the perfect opportunity for My Patriot Shield, which led them to develop a robust insurance program that will help support their customers in the unfortunate event of identity theft.

My Patriot Shield has designed the $1,000,000 identity theft insurance to mitigate the financial burdens of identity theft. The coverage reimburses clients for all legal expenses, credit monitoring services, unauthorized transactions, and additional expenses incurred due to the theft. This extensive coverage aims to support clients in their recovery process from the aftermath of identity theft swiftly and effectively.

A company representative shared. “As a leading player in the identity theft protection industry, we are proud to offer $1,000,000 as identity theft insurance to our valued clients. This insurance serves as a safety net, ensuring our customers have the necessary support and financial protection in the unfortunate event of identity theft.”

In addition to the strong identity theft insurance, My Patriot Shield has many other services, such as a secure VPN for data protection, automated backup systems, and cloud backup for legal documents. These services collectively enhance digital privacy and help protect personal data from ransomware attacks, and proactively defend against identity theft. The company aims to provide its clients with ultimate peace of mind, knowing they have a comprehensive plan to address serious issues such as identity theft.

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About My Patriot Shield

My Patriot Shield was developed to solve the rising issue of friends and family members being victims of identity theft, attacks by ransomware, and scams. The organization identified an opportunity to use its 40+ years of knowledge to keep people secure online. They believe that people have the right to be safe online. However, digital security may be costly and difficult. As a result, they combined their preferred best-in-class services to provide consumers with the high-quality security services they need without exceeding individuals’ financial costs.

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